About us


Constant innovation is our passion and part of our competitive DNA. We were the first to introduce the Avanti Micro-Market solution in Canada, first to introduce touchscreen equipment to our market, first to have biodegradable packaging for our entire Savora coffee product line, first to distribute Flavia in our market and first to install digital water leak sensors to protect our customers, to name just a few.


Quality is a daily obsession at Servomax. You could even say it’s at the core of our corporate culture and informs every decision we make: from the suppliers we choose, the services we offer, the work environment we provide and the employees who make up our corporate family. Quality is a hard thing to master; it’s all in the details and calls for exceptional listening skills. That’s why we love getting your comments. Our goal is to always improve ourselves so that at the end of the day, we improve how we serve our customers, and serving our customers is our mission.


We believe in relationships and, as our CEO says, “You cannot build a relationship between a machine and a person; relationships are between people.” We recognize that every company is as unique and special as its people. That’s why we focus on providing solutions and, as the last 15 years have shown us, it is only by having genuine experts that an organization can provide innovative, quality solutions.

That is how we built our company and why so many customers not only choose Servomax but stay with us.