HLF 4700 | Coffee Maker with grinder


Welcome to the 21st century!  In keeping with our tradition of quality and innovation, Servomax introduces its newest product category, HLF.

Revolutionary Technology meets Modern Italian Design HLF’s professional line of fully automated espresso and gourmet beverage bars offer exciting new concepts, designs, and functionality in super-automatic machines.

Our equipment is manufactured in Italy, and features a host of new technical developments which improve reliability while adding many new benefits.

The unique designs allow the tabletop machines to offer a wide range of selections from a small footprint.

Our models produce espresso, cappuccino, latte, caffe mocha, flavored lattes, hot chocolate, regular coffee, chai latte, and more. This is a truly amazing grind and brew coffee maker.

The HLF 4700 G2 or G2F utilises fresh ingredients for the best possible coffees, plus with 4 internal powder canisters it can also serve hot chocolate and mocha. This flexible functionality allows the customer to choose from 12 different drinks. The touch panel and LCD screen make all of these options available at the touch of a button.

HLF 4700

HLF 4700 | Coffee Maker with grinder HLF 4700 | Coffee Maker with grinder


HLF 4700 | Coffee Maker with grinder