WMF 1400

The WMF 1400 is the latest milestone in a tradition of coffee machine production dating back to 1927.

The experience acquired over the years, particularly in the demanding world of professional catering, has resulted in a machine that stands comparison with any in the world in terms of quality, finish, innovation and design.

And it has those typically German qualities of good workmanship, reliability and especially hygiene, something that will be appreciated when it comes to the automatic cleaning programmes.

Fully automatic specialty coffee machine for espresso, café crème, cappuccino, café latte, latte macchiato and chocolate specialties.

Each unit is equipped with a touchscreen display, automatic cleaning program, hot water supply and grounds discharge.

Accessories include an external milk cooler, cup warmer and customizable back lighting. To discover more simply click on the link below.


WMF 1400

WMF 1400 WMF 1400


WMF 1400