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The importance of offering an enhanced office experience

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Enhanced office experience

Close your eyes and picture your ideal office for a second. There are nice clean walls, it is well-lit, there are several desks organized in a smart layout. Are we getting close? Now look a little deeper. You’re starting to see people there. Of course, because an office would just be an empty space without your employees, wouldn’t it?

Your team of talented individuals is the reason your business can grow and succeed. They are your most valuable resource, which is why you need to make sure they are comfortable and happy. How do you do that? You give them the tools they need to do their work efficiently; this includes (but is not limited to) a comfortable work environment. Therefore, offering an enhanced office experience to your employees allows them to feel more valued. This will increase their motivation, their productiveness, and their satisfaction.

How do I offer an enhanced office experience to my employees?


The first thing to keep in mind is that your employees spend a LOT of time at the office. Therefore, it is important to give the office a home-like vibe. One way to do that is to offer free coffee (and tea). When your employees are hard at work and they need a pick-me-up, coffee (or tea) is always a good idea. First, it gives them a few minutes to unwind (while they wait for their beverage). Second, it gives them a boost to continue working on their tasks efficiently. It’s a win-win situation. Moreover, you can even offer a contactless coffee or tea solution for your employees to promote their safety at work.

Pantry Service

Reinforce a sense of community amongst your employees by offering them free snacks at work. Food has been known to bring people together, and it is no different at the office. As an employee, you know what it’s like when you want to take a little coffee break. You glance at your colleague to give them the “want to join me?” look. You also know the disappointment (or betrayal) when they refuse to accompany you.  When you add a small snack to that coffee, you are increasing the chances of employees bonding with each other. Consequently, this will strengthen their sense of belonging and community.

The value

It may seem like an add-on you don’t really need, but it can turn your employees’ day around. Giving employees the ability to grab a free healthy (or indulging) snack at work makes the office experience more enjoyable. Especially when they can share a moment with a colleague! The pantry service is what we call a “delightful” add-on, but it drives productivity. Try it, you’ll see!

Safety Measures

Following the unfortunate events of 2020, safety measures at work have become inevitable. In order to welcome your employees back to the office, you need to make sure they feel safe. Their health should be a priority. One of the most crucial measures to limit the COVID-19 spread, which is an airborne virus, is to always wear a mask when you are moving around at the office. Since it is not always easy to respect social distancing in a limited office area, you cannot know what is traveling through the air. To give your employees peace of mind and get another layer of security, consider installing air purifiers across the office area. Air purifiers can kill the bacteria and viruses in the atmosphere, for a cleaner and safer environment. In fact, the HYGEA PRO 8 air purifier can kill up to 98% of the virus, bacterium and fungus particulates from the air within 15 minutes, according to a recent test by RTI International. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Moreover, we strongly recommend to regularly distribute protective personal equipment (PPE) such as masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, etc. to all employees in the office. Being able to give your employees access to these amenities is crucial in enhancing your office experience. Furthermore, as we mentioned earlier, you can also opt for a touchless coffee machine allowing your team to prepare their coffee beverage from their phone. Show your team that you care about their well-being and their health.

There are many ways to enhance your office experience, but the best way is to find an office services solutions partner you can trust (coincidentally, it’s what Servomax does). Ensuring your employees have a nice, comfortable work environment they can go to everyday is crucial in keeping them motivated and happy. If you’re like us, you understand the importance of keeping your team satisfied and you know they are worth the investment. Show your employees you value their commitment and loyalty, even if it means investing a little more in those smaller gestures that can go a long way.

Remember, an office space is just an empty room until you add some employees to it. They are your most valuable resource – but do they truly know it? Show them how much you appreciate them through an office experience they can brag about!