We offer a multitude of food products and other kitchen accessories according to your values and needs.
With more than 800 products, you have plenty of choices.


Whether your employees are in the mood for a healthy juice, an energy drink or a soda, we have everything you need. Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Minute Maid, Red Bull, Powerade, San Pellegrino and much more!

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Keep everyone on your team hydrated with still, sparkling, flavoured or regular water. Dasani, Eska, Naya, Fuji, Perrier, Vitamin Water, and many more brands.

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Whether you crave salty or sweet snacks, you will find what you’re looking for! Cookies, chips, chocolate, granola bars, nuts, etc. The list is long!

We supply the most popular brands for your office breaks. Healthy options are also available.

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Providing the best coffee and snacks, please don’t forget the kitchen accessories! Plates, utensils, glasses, cups, etc. We also offer recyclable and compostable accessories.

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Office cleaning supplies

Keep your coffee room clean and inviting! Take advantage of a variety of cleaning supplies: garbage bags, cleaning products, disinfectants. Your space will be sparkling!

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