Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we offer all the kitchen equipment you need for your coffee room.
Whether you need cutlery, reusable or recyclable cups or plates, we can supply!
We offer a wide range of brands and sizes.

Life in Green

Life in Green offers a range of recyclable and compostable cups and lids. With the growing consumption of disposable products, it is essential to be aware of our environmental responsibility.

With Life in Green compostable cups, you can reduce your ecological footprint while offering quality and leak-proof kitchen accessories.

From 4 to 12 oz, we offer all sizes, perfect for both hot and cold drinks! You will never run out of cups again.

Cups, Lids, Cutlery, plates

No more hassles with our wide selection of kitchen accessories, whether you’re looking for the perfect cup for lattes, mochaccinos, espressos, or other beverages.

Or just a lid to prevent damage to expensive computer keyboards!

And don’t forget the kitchen utensils and disposable plates, it’s always more convenient to eat your salad between meetings with a fork! We offer recyclable and compostable cutlery.

You want to have the perfect coffee area?