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Personal Protective Equipment

The health of your employees is a priority.
Our selection of products meets the quality standards issued by the government.

Our complete selection allows you to offer your employees personal protection equipment for a safe return to work.
We’re here to help you!


No matter what type of business, we have the masks you need. KN95s or Procedure Masks offer you extra protection.

Procedure Masks are recommended for office workers who keep a physical distance of two metres most of the time. KN95s are recommended for businesses where close physical contact is present.

Wearing a mask is to protect yourself and others; a wise choice to prevent the spread!


When handling goods or touching many surfaces, it’s important to wear gloves!

Hand-washing is always strongly recommended, but wearing gloves provides extra protection.

We offer medium or large size, disposable latex gloves.


To prevent the spread, we must wash our hands! When access to water is impossible, installing sanitizers will reduce the risk of spread.

We offer antibacterial gel that meets quality standards and disinfecting wipes.

Whether you want to provide antibacterials for your work environment or give an individual format to each of your employees. We have what you need.

Have you found the perfect personal protection equipment for your office?