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Simply put? We help you achieve your dream office experience!

From high quality coffee equipment to local, healthy and delicious products, Servomax has everything you need to promote your employees’ well-being at work.

As a national leader in the office coffee services industry in Canada, Servomax has been operating for more than 20 years, always putting their customers’ needs first.

The Servomax Experience

A Sip Of Energy

Specialty Coffee

Enjoy delicious, high-quality coffee delivered weekly directly to your office, and savor a world of flavours.

Bulk Up

Snacks In Bulk

Offer unlimited quantities of your favourite cereals, nuts, chocolate-covered goodies and much more.

Crunch Time

Indulging In Comfort Foods

Chips, cookies, crackers, and all the chewy goodness you can think of, Servomaxoffers a variety of comfort foods your team will love.

Set The Bar

Healthy, Yet Tasty

Add nutritious snack bars, savoury granola, oatmeal and other crowd-pleasers to your office break room.

Capture The Coffee Shop Ambiance In Your Break Room

Does Your Office Breakroom Need a Makeover?

We’ve got you covered! Keeping up with modern office trends can be time consuming which is why we take care of it for you. Allow us to make the best recommendations to transform your office kitchen into an elegant, dynamic breakroom with professional coffee equipment and quality products to amaze your clients, visitors, and above all, your employees

Make the Coffee Shop Experience a part of your Office Life

Imagine a rich, tasty, delicious cup of coffee… at the office! That is what Servomax aims to deliver. Allow us to help you experience coffee excellence in your corporate breakroom. Create a full coffee shop experience when using our innovative equipment. You can even opt for a more tailored service and ask for our Servomax Barista service to have an on-site resource manage your daily office coffee needs.

Coffee shop experience and service
Office snacks service

Got Snacks?

All the big names are doing it! Don’t be the last one to jump on the office pantry train. Choose from a variety of premium brands with Servomax’s pantry menu. Many of our clients have noticed a significant increase in employee engagement at work when they started offering snacks, and we don’t think it is a coincidence. See what’s included in our pantry service by clicking on the button below.

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