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From new machines to iced brews: explore our latest coffee products and features.
Illy Cold Brew Ice Coffee Commercial Machine

Illy cold brew

Enhance your office coffee breaks with Illy’s Nitro Cold Brew Machine, designed to deliver a smooth, nitrogen-infused brew.

Ready-to-drink cold brew cans from Faro and illy coffee


Discover delicious and refreshing cold brews, locally sourced and crafted by Canadian roasters, for the perfect on-the-go drink.

Nespresso Momento 120 cold foam feature for the best iced coffee recipes

Cold foam

Explore the new cold foam feature in the Nespresso Momento line, perfect for adding cold foam to your favorite iced coffee recipes at the office.
Flavia Chiller now available for ice coffee beverages such as cold brews and iced teas

Add on features

Upgrade your Flavia office coffee machine by adding the Chiller, allowing your team to enjoy cold brews and iced tea beverages all day long.

Iced Coffee Equipment

Create the Ultimate Break Room 

Transform your office this summer with a tailored iced coffee program designed to enhance team engagement and productivity. Choosing the right iced coffee machine is crucial for keeping your team refreshed and satisfied during the warm months. Our coffee experts are here to assist you in selecting the perfect iced coffee solution that aligns with your team’s needs. Visit our machines page to explore our wide range of options and find the ideal fit for your office.

Summer Favorites

Premium Brands: Local & International

We are excited to present our clients with a curated portfolio of beloved Canadian brands, each unique to their respective provinces. Additionally, we offer an array of popular international brands that our clients love. At Servomax, we believe that coffee is an emotional experience, and we’re here to evoke those emotions with every sip starting with the brands we offer.

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