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At Servomax, we value sustainability and doing our part for the planet. We show our commitment by demonstrating a certain selectivity in regards to sustainable practices when choosing our partners. All local roasters and manufacturers that deal with Servomax must have a certain affiliation to sustainable programs or put in place specific activities that express their corporate social responsibility


Our Day-to-Day

Single serve office coffee service

Servomax has partnered with Life in Green to reinforce their commitment to sustainable initiatives. Life in Green offers biodegradable and compostable products and packaging that go perfectly with our office coffee and food solutions

Local Products & Sustainable Partners

Our dedication to local products and Rainforest Alliance certified sustainable partners means we can ensure quality and sustainable distribution. Through our strategic partnerships, we are able to help our local Canadian producers and roasters, while doing our part for the environment

Servomax Local Products & Sustainable Partners
Servomax social responsibility - No Food Waste

No Food Waste

With our services, we make sure that food waste is minimized as much as possible. We work on a just-in-time basis to deliver the right products when you need them.

Since 2021, Servomax launched a new initiative that aims to give food and beverages nearing their shelf life a new purpose. Instead of going to waste, we make sure to donate these products to local NGOs, such as Old Mission Brewery in Montreal or The Mississauga Food Bank in Toronto, who will distribute these food donations to people in need while they are still good to consume.

Other Initiatives at Servomax

Some of our green initiatives relate to internal processes. For example, we have recently replaced all of the lights in our warehouse to LED lights to reduce our electricity consumption. These types of lightbulbs last longer and require lower maintenance. Another practice we are slowly transitioning into is to only use hybrid vehicles for our deliveries, reducing our carbon footprint. In the future, we hope to keep finding new innovative ways to operate in ways that will ensure a brighter future for our planet

Servomax social responsibility

Our Partners

And more…

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Nespresso has put in place a sustainability program that reinforces its commitment to green practices. In fact, the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, co-designed with the Rainforest Alliance in 2003, goes beyond certifications, acting at farm, community and landscape levels. ​Through that program, Nespresso optimizes three main aspects:



By helping farmers produce higher quality coffees and better agricultural practices by offering increased revenues



By enabling productivity improvements and assisting in farm economic management, providing greater income stability to farmers


Social and Environmental

By improving the social and environmental sustainability of farming practices


Finally, Nespresso encourages consumers to participate to its recycling program by making all their capsules 100% recyclable. In fact, Servomax helps its customers by collecting the used Nespresso capsules from their office and dropping them at a recycling facility for free



Lavazza adopted a company vision that prioritizes the economic, human, environmental and cultural heritage of the countries in which they work. In 2004, they established a non-profit Giuseppe e Pericle Lavazza Foundation that implements and promotes sustainable projects in coffee-producing communities.

Lavazza puts people at the center of its world and work.They promote and implement activities aimed at creating shared value and making a positive impact on all levels.In 2014, Lavazza signed the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals.Lavazza created the Coffee Defenders: a community of baristas and coffee lovers aiming to support farmers.

Lavazza | Servomax social responsibility



Coffee Roasting: we roast the finest selection of Arabica beans with eco-friendly Loring Smart Roaster (reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions)


Pods: 100% Compostable Pods and certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute


Environmental Causes and Partnerships: we support several environmental causes and organizations. Partnered with FoodRescue to reduce food waste, Live Green Toronto and Tap to reduce bottled water use

coffee Balzacs Roasters



One makes the difference

Illy Caffè has always pursued an unwavering commitment to highest ethics, aiming to improve quality of life for all of its stakeholders. For detailed information on the program, click here



To offer the world the best coffee and put a smile on the faces of those who drink it

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TopBrewer focuses on 2 main aspects of sustainability:


I. Sustainable growth:

Ensuring that the environment does not suffer unnecessary harm as a result of coffee farming, i.e. avoiding the use of harmful artificial pesticides


II. Sustainable trade:

When the commercial exchange of products generates economic and environmental benefits, including: the creation of economic value, reducing poverty and inequality, and preserving environmental resources



We make every effort to buy our coffee from farms where we have a direct trading relationship with the plantation and we have the knowledge that the coffee is grown as sustainably as possible for the local environment



For more than 20 years, the FARO team has been offering Fairtrade coffee and has taken it upon themselves to visit coffee farmers and plantations every year. The Fairtrade certification allows coffee producers to get premium fees on their green coffee sales.


By contributing to the Fairtrade community, FARO is helping improve the quality of life. The coffee producers use the premium fees they collect to divide them and equally distribute them within the community of farmers. Moreover, they also use these funds to implement several trainings and innovation research.

Servomax Partners Faro roasting house



Barista is committed to several social and environmental initiatives. They engage with the community by collaborating with various local non-profit organizations with different purposes. Moreover, they ensure to use improved environmental practices in order to promote and bring together Quebec’s coffee community

Servomax partner barista



Reunion’s Coffee Roasters’ mission is to provide sustainable coffee, from seed to cup. Therefore, sustainability is at the core of their corporate identity. They partner with farms and customers, all over the world, and implement ethical, quality production, while operating facilities powered by renewable energy. In 2015, the company was recognized as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers. To discover more information on Reunion Coffee Roasters’ Sustainability program and Certifications, click on the button below

Reunion coffee roasters



Barocco is committed to the “Direct Trade” model, a practice that essentially means that the coffee they buy comes directly from farmers, eliminating all the parties in between. Direct Trade ensures both the roaster and the farmer can benefit from mutual advantages and respectful relationships, and this, in turn, allows for a more collaborative and efficient partnership. Barocco gets their coffee using Direct Trade from Brazil and Colombia. Click on the button below to find out more about the sustainable practices that go behind Barocco’s coffee production




Happy Goat Coffee Co. puts sustainability at the core of their business with a focus on environmental and economical results. They operate in way to improve the quality of their products as well as the income of the coffee producers they work with while ensuring the production process is as close to having a net-zero impact on the environment as possible.


On an economic perspective, Happy Goat refers to direct sourcing. Direct sourcing encourages close relation with producers which is often more time consuming and costly compared to other import methods. It’s the interest dedicated to the coffee farmers, the trees, the workers, and overall quality of the beans.


On an eco-friendly perspective, Happy Goat has established the Zero-Waste Coffee Project a few years ago to minimize the carbon footprint of the overall coffee production and distribution. Through this initiative, Happy Goat monitors and improves the supply chain to reach a neutral result and reduce overall emissions.

happy goat company logo



Café Saint-Henri refers to Direct Sourcing to procure their green coffee beans. They have an intrinsic, solid relationship with coffee producers they work with, to the point where they can track every single bag of coffee to its sourcing farm and soil. They contribute to the social and economic development of the producers, ensuring that production processes are thorough and as eco-friendly as possible.

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