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Hop on the Pantry Train!

Spoil your employees with delicious snacks and beverages they can enjoy at the office. After all, they deserve it!

More Snacks, More Staff

Increase employee engagement and retention by offering benefits that will let them know you care

What’s on the Menu?

Healthy office snacks

Healthy Mix

Oatmeal, granola bars, nuts, fruits, yogurt bar, and so much more! Give your employees another shot at breakfast by making these delicious snacks available to them. Choose from our diverse menu or opt for our rotational program to try out premium local brands

Comfort Food

Is it 5 yet? You’ve heard it before. The workday can seem very long for your employees when they don’t have comforting snacks they can indulge in on their breaks. Improve employee engagement by choosing from our sweet and salty offerings

Office snacks Comfort Food
Sweet Beverages, office snacks

Sweet Beverages

Who doesn’t enjoy a sweet beverage every once in a while? Whether it’s juices, flavoured water, or even a refreshing soda, sometimes the best thing at the office is a revitalizing drink! Choose from our endless beverage options to give your employees the energy they need at the office

What's Included?

Snacks in Bulk

Snacks in Bulk, office snacks

Optimize the self-serving office experience with bulk dispensers of your favorite snacks. Get quality containers when you order our products sold in bulk

We Respect Your Budget

Servomax pantry delivery service

We work around your daily budget to provide you with snacks that will please your entire office! We also make the best recommendations tailored to your specific needs

Complimentary Storage

Servomax office pantry Complimentary Storage

When you sign up for our pantry service, Servomax provides all the necessary organizers including (but not limited to) fridges, racks, baskets, etc


Step 1

Book a call with one of our representatives to get your custom pantry menu based on your specific needs

Ask about our Full Service Program if you want us to take care of your pantry office needs for you

Step 2

Select your favorite snacks from our varied menu and place your first order with Servomax

You can also opt for the full service option where we choose the snacks for you that we rotate every 3 months

Step 3

Servomax provides and installs your pantry shelves, racks, baskets, etc. before delivering your snacks

For a worry-free experience, sign up to our full service program and never run out of your favorite products

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