Our Story

It all started with coffee… and a vision.

Servomax’s founder, Arie Koifman, got the idea of making coffee accessible at the office during an internship at a large investment firm in New York.

When he got back to Montreal, he set out to make his vision a reality.

23 years later, the Servomax team keeps finding new ways to improve the overall office experience through food and beverage solutions and new practices to increase employee engagement.

Canada’s fastest growing company growth list

Our Mission

To offer innovative products and solutions that have a positive impact on our customers and their environment.

Our Vision


Maintain a corporate culture where our employees feel encouraged,

valued and their well-being is an everyday priority.


Cultivate a collaborative relationship with our customers.

We work together to promote the well-being of their employees

Our Values


Simply put, we care about our customers. We position ourselves as a reliable partner because we do everything in our power to ensure customer satisfaction. We exceed your expectations and make strategic recommendations to help you offer the best office experience to your employees, the backbone of your success.


We make promises, and we deliver. We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and we value transparency in our business relationship. With no hidden costs, we make sure we provide our customers with all the information they need and assign dedicated resources to each of them so they always have someone they can go to for questions. We always offer maximum service. After all, it’s in our name.


Our dedication to premium brands and local products is motivated by our commitment to quality. Our customers deserve the best, and we make sure they get it. Moreover, customer feedback is what allows us to keep offering the best service. We make sure we cater to all our customers’ office needs and we build long-lasting relationships with them.


We are always looking to implement first-to-market initiatives. We believe in continuous improvement and  we stay ahead of the most recent industry trends and practices. We value innovation and contribute to it through equipment calibration, beverage recipes, types of products and services, and so much more.


In 23 years, Servomax has gone from a small startup to being featured on the Growth 500 list for several years in a row. Our commitment to growth is the reason why we are able to sustain and support our success. Not only that, but we also make sure you have all you need to grow with us so we are always pushing our customers forward.


We honour our corporate social responsibility through several initiatives across our offerings, doing our part as a good corporate citizen. Our tactic involves putting in place a sourcing strategy that involves dealing with roasters and companies who value sustainability. As such, our suppliers must have at least one green initiative in order to be considered to be a partner.

Why Servomax?

Place your orders online
Use our e-commerce platform to choose and purchase your products online.
Full Service
You don’t have time to take care of your orders and maintenance?
We’ve got you covered.
Several offices. One Provider
We send you one invoice and we provide you coffee services to all your offices across the country.
On-site Barista
Get a dedicated Servomax resource at your office who will take care of your office needs.
More than just coffee
Our offerings don’t stop at coffee.
Whatever your office needs, we’ve got it!
#1 Technical Team
The best technical team! Friendly, efficient, responsive and unmatched service.
Local Brands
We focus on local brands to support local communities and promote quality products.
Sustainable practices
Our commitment is to find and support partners that value sustainability as much as we do.
Next Day Delivery
Place your orders by 3 PM and get them the next business day! It’s a Servo promise.


And more…


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