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When we say coffee excellence, we mean it. Enjoy a cup of quality coffee at the office from our innovative, modern equipment

Dedicated on-site Servomax Barista

Allow your employees to bask into the full coffee shop experience by having an on-site Barista take care of your daily coffee office needs

What’s on the Menu?

Office coffee services

Latte Art Joy

The best part about coffee shops is the beautiful latte art you see when your cup is ready. You know your barista cares. Servomax allows you to experience this feeling of joy at your office

Reliable Service

Our dedicated baristas will brighten up the day of your employees. They are attentive and positive which is the best remedy to morning crankiness (i.e. your mood before the first coffee of the day)

Office coffee service
Office coffee machine installation

Coffee Expertise

Our team will make the best recommendations for your office coffee needs. Every breakroom is different, and our expertise allows us to find the ideal machine for your workspace. We also help you find the best products based on your taste and preferences to cater to your entire team. Browse through our diverse portfolio of quality coffee equipment by clicking on the button below


Step 1

Contact Servomax to choose the best machine for your office breakroom from our diverse portfolio

Ask about our on-site Barista service for a full coffee shop experience

Step 2

Our talented technicians will install your machine as soon as possible and we will place your first order for you!

Sign up to our Full Service program to have Servomax take care of all your office needs (including replenishments and maintenance)

Step 3

Place your orders via our e-commerce platform and enjoy amazing, quality coffee with an artistic touch, at any time of the day, at the office

Opt for our Full Service program and we will take care of all your daily office coffee needs for you!

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