3 Signs Your Office Breakroom Needs an Upgrade

The office experience, as a whole, has changed tremendously over the years. In fact, since the pandemic, some offices have even become obsolete. Why pay for rent space when you can have your team work from home? While these are all reasonable arguments, this article is tailored to the professionals of the world who still prefer to keep their work and personal environments separate. One of the biggest challenges today is making your office appealing, which is where Servomax comes in. But let’s not talk about how Servomax can make your office great, because, while they most certainly can, it is not the purpose of this article. The objective is to make you aware of the red flags that could be preventing you from establishing an attractive work environment for your team. What are the signs your office breakroom needs an upgrade? Keep reading to find out.


RED FLAG # 1 – You’ve been using the same coffee machine for more than 5 + years old

Have you been using the same office coffee machine since you launched your business and never thought about it again? Does your coffee machine look like a big vending machine? It’s important to remember you are competing with the personalized residential machines that your employees have at home and the industrial coffee shop, high tech equipment. So where does your office coffee machine stand on that scale?




At Servomax, we help our customers position their office coffee machine in the middle. While you cannot compete with the comfort of your team members’ home, you can easily compensate with the coffee quality. Through the innovative, professional office coffee equipment, you can easily offer them the go-to beverage they need to get through the day. All you need is the right beans and a modern machine who can cater to your daily office needs. On the other hand, you may not be able to serve a variety of specialty beverages a coffee shop would, but you can create a similar experience in your breakroom. In fact, the newer models of office coffee equipment, like the HLF 5700, includes more than 10 custom recipes including several milk-based espresso beverages (latte, cappuccino, etc.), regular coffee, and more.


RED FLAG # 2 – Your coffee machine is always out of order and it takes forever to fix it

If you’ve updated your office coffee machine a few times over the years, but you are still encountering a lot of functionality issues, it may be a sign that you have chosen a machine that cannot keep up with your daily office needs. What gets more frustrating is how long you need to wait to get the machine fixed when it is out of order. If this situation is too familiar, you are surely losing points in office appeal. Your employees look forward to their coffee break and when they constantly have to settle for something else because the machine is not functional, it gets very frustrating. “I could get coffee at home in a minute…” or “I’ll go grab a coffee from the nearest coffee shop”. These are 2 statements you want to avoid if you want your employees to come to the office.


A solution would be partnering up with an Office Coffee Services provider who understands the importance of supplying your workspace with quality coffee during business hours. A partner who will show up as soon as possible when a problem occurs. A partner who will make the best recommendation for your daily needs. No matter what you decide to do, a fully functional coffee machine is a must if you are trying to bring your employees back to the office.


RED FLAG # 3 – You don’t offer any office perks

Coffee is crucial, yes, but modern offices are expected to offer additional perks in order to appeal to employees. Times have changed, and you have a choice to make: keep up with the trends, increasing employee engagement, or stick to the classic model, decreasing office appeal. We’re not saying you will lose your employees, but you are more likely to keep them interested and engaged if you offer office perks they can enjoy while they work. Otherwise, they are more likely to work from home, or even worse, consider other job offers that includes a variety of office perks. These benefits can go from free coffee and pantry snacks, to catered meals for lunch and breakfast.


We encourage you to browse the web to find fun ideas that would make your breakroom more interesting. When it comes to a distinguished office experience, do not hesitate to reach out to Servomax – we can give your breakroom a whole makeover. In doing so, we guarantee you will see an increase in employees physically present at the office. Free coffee, snacks and or meals? It’ll be hard to stay away!


While there are other signs your office breakroom might need an upgrade, it is the perfect time to re-evaluate your current offerings and perks. We recommend even getting your employees’ feedback on what benefits would make them come back to the office to better assess your custom office needs. Listen to your team and find a reliable partner who can help you make your dream office a reality.