A Brewing Success: A Transformative Office Culture Story

September 18th, 2023
Coffee Machine
Photo credit: Peldon Rose and OfficeLovin.

Servomax’s mission is centered around creating a positive impact in the everyday lives of our clients and their team. Putting the well-being of your staff first, we work closely with you to identify optimal solutions for your break room. Our offerings go beyond quality equipment, premium coffee and trendy, local snacks. Our straightforward approach is aimed at meeting your specific needs and requirements to increase employee engagement at work.


In this case study, we will walk you through the different phases of our methodology, highlighting the advantages our client was able to notice following Servomax’s intervention. To uphold confidentiality, the client name will be withheld. Instead, we will refer to them as “Star Inc.” for the purpose of this article.


A Sip Of Bitterness


Our client’s journey began with a call and a purpose: Star Inc. was about to renovate their office and they needed Servomax’s help. Consequently, we scheduled a visit to their workspace and quickly understood the need to make a change. Imagine walking into a break room frozen in time – reminiscent of the early 2000s – that spoke volumes about the company’s history. There was a clear potential for a transformation that could bring new life into this space, along with several other benefits. The old-school pour over coffee maker, that was once a revolutionary concept, was no longer up to par with recent coffee trends and preferences, prompting employees to go to a nearby Starbucks. Among the challenges, the main roadblocker was upper management’s hesitation to embrace change.


The Turning Point


During the initial meeting, our dedicated Account Manager, Iris, met with Star Inc.’s office manager to better understand their requirements. Driven by her willingness to help, Iris proposed a comprehensive roadmap aimed at transforming Star Inc.’s cafeteria into an inspiriting and collaborative break space. Following a few discussions, the client was ready to start their transformative journey, accompanied by our experts.


The strategies that were implemented were simple, yet profoundly impactful:


Replacing the Outdated Coffee Machine: We threw the coffee carafe away and added the state-of-the-art HLF brewer instead. This gave Star Inc. access to a variety of coffee perks including the freedom to choose from two distinct espresso bean options, and the ability to make 15 different coffee recipes, with or without milk.


Battling Coffee Fatigue: Coffee fatigue happens when your coffee solution offers the exact same blend for an extended period of time. Our experts can help manage this thanks to the array of coffee bean selections with different taste profiles featured in our coffee catalog. Suggesting new blends to the Star Inc.’s team every 4 months was the recommended, proven solution to fight coffee fatigue.


Cultivating Break Room Culture: Our Pantry Program was used to introduce well-deserved break times into Star Inc.’s employees’ schedules. By offering a diverse selection of snacks, we helped establish a collaborative corporate culture that encourages teamwork and peer bonding. Within a few weeks, upper management saw a positive incline in employee motivation.


Break Room Breakthrough


Fast forward a few months, the company culture at Star Inc. had undergone a complete change. The now modern and inviting break room evolved into a thriving hub where colleagues not only connected over premium coffee and snacks, but also spontaneously met for unplanned meetings that gave way to the best ideas. What’s even more amazing is that these improvements didn’t only transpire in the break room; it spread through the entire organization, resulting in happier, more engaged team members. Even lunch breaks turned into catered work events that were highly anticipated.


As the marketing director of Star Inc. explained,


“Since we incorporated Servomax’s recommendations into our office space, the creative collaboration skyrocketed, and we can all notice a growing sense of community across various departments.”


Those in upper management, who had once been hesitant about change were now being acknowledged for advocating camaraderie and fostering a new and improved office culture. The momentum didn’t stop, Star Inc. have also initiated plans for company retreats and in-office activities, more recently.




The success story of Star Inc. stands as a testament on the impact a quality cup of coffee can have on reshaping the entire office dynamic. Through creative problem-solving, we successfully helped Star Inc. cultivate a workplace culture where their team experienced a genuine sense of encouragement.


So, if you’re facing a challenge akin to what Star Inc. faced, remember that with the right vision and decisive action, you can get extraordinary results.