It’s back to school season which means it’s time to go back to the office! Servomax makes your busy mornings at the office simple with our break room solutions, so going back to work has never been more exciting. Your team has enjoyed our coffee and pantry services throughout the year, but here are some tips on how you can take the office space to the next level!

Upgrade Your Office Mug Collection

Coffee Roaster


There is something special about making a cup of coffee in a nice cup. We love having a wide variety of them in our cafeteria. We have espresso cups, mugs for lattes, and clear glasses for iced coffee too. No beverage is made the same, that is why we have a wide selection of mugs in different colors and shapes, to make sure everyone finds their perfect fit. Investing in a new range of kitchenware for your office will make your employees enjoy making something to drink that much more. Happiness in the workplace starts with a good cup of java.

Bring Breakfast Back

Coffee Shop


Have you ever dreamed of having a breakfast bar so beautiful you thought you were on a luxury vacation? Well, one way to bring the vacation breakfast to the office is to revamp and reorganize your break room. Try placing your cereals and granolas in glass dispensers or mason jars. This will not only make your cereals look elegant but the individual glass containers will help keep them neat and fresh. Your team members will love their office kitchen and it will encourage them to use the space. Not to mention, they will have access to more products and will feel encouraged to make themselves a delicious breakfast.

Let’s Switch Things Up

Office Pantry


Are you drinking the same brew every morning? The fall season is a good time to switch up your beans or pods. Sticking to the same coffee for a long period of time will tire your taste buds. One simple option is to introduce a new kind of bean/pod every 4-6 months. Your palette will be intrigued by the new and dynamic flavors that will leave you wanting more! We offer a variety of blends for all the taste profiles.


A tip for all office managers 😉 A great way to get a consensus on the satisfaction of your team is to send out a survey to determine their preferences. Your colleagues will feel that they are here which will increase their sense of involvement in office decisions.

Experiment With Recipes

Coffee Bean Roaster


What does your usual morning look like; filter and cereal, or latte and oatmeal? Another way you can get over routine fatigue at the office is by trying new recipes. You can use ingredients that you already have in your office break room to get creative with your breakfast. If you usually drink a cafe latte, you might want to try a cappuccino for a smoother milk texture, or a flat white for a bolder and more balanced aroma. If you prefer filter, you might want to try an americano for a stronger blend, or an americano misto if you want a hint of milk. The same can be done with your morning breakfast. Try swapping the oatmeal for overnight oats, or add fruits to your cereal, and show off your chef skills at work.

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