You probably landed on this page because you searched “What is the best commercial espresso machine for the office?”


Truth be told, there is no “perfect” coffee machine because every office is unique. Your decision should reflect your coffee preferences, your daily demand, and your specific needs.


So far, we’ve established that you want an espresso machine, but which one? If you’re looking for a coffee shop quality equipment, we’ve got a few options for you.


The following are super-automatic espresso machines that will deliver a premium cup of coffee at the office. Possibility to add a fresh milk frother to create milk-based recipes.


Allow your employees to enjoy a warm beverage without stepping out of the office.

1. HLF 5700

HLF 5700


The HLF 5700 is a professional coffee machine that can do it all, just like a Barista would.


Choose from a variety of coffee beverages with a single tap, including your favourite specialty drinks: cappuccino, latte, americano and even a cup of regular coffee.


It is a bean-to-cup machine which means it only works with whole coffee beans. The HLF 5700 can support two different types of beans, for example, one with regular espresso and the other with decaf.


The machine runs 24/7 and has a self-cleaning cycle. It requires little maintenance and was created to deliver high-quality Italian-style espresso in large volumes, without the hassle.

HLF 5700 Product Highlights

2. Top Brewer

Top Brewer


Top Brewer is a luxurious machine that delivers high-end coffee from an elegant swan-neck tap. It will take up little to no counter space in your office break room as the magic happens under the counter.


What I love about this machine is the various options of drinks to choose from (30 recipes) and the ability to create my drink easily from my phone thanks to its WIFI connectivity feature. Simply connect to the app (compatible with Android and iOS) from your smartphone or your smartwatch and start your order.


This is an excellent option to impress your clients and employees. The best part? It can easily keep up with your daily coffee demand.

Top Brewer Product Highlights

3. Nespresso Professional

When I think of Nespresso I think of class and sophistication. After all, there is a reason why George Clooney is featured in their advertisements!


“Which Nespresso machine should you purchase?” It depends on many factors including whether you’d like to offer milk recipes or not.


The Momento 100 and the Zenius are compact in design and will fit seamlessly in your office breakroom. They were created for a self-serving work environment and are straightforward to use. While they do not have a built-in fresh milk option, they can be combined with the Cappucinatore CS20 machine or an Aeroccino to create milk-based recipes.


If the integrated milk frother is a decisive factor, we recommend looking at the Gemini, Aguila, Momento 120.  These machines are designed for a fast-paced environment producing barista-quality coffee drinks, with or without milk.

Each machine has an embedded pod-recognition program that will suggest the optimal format for each pod inserted. Moreover, your staff will have more than 14 coffee profiles to choose from thanks to Nespresso’s wide variety of professional capsules.

Nespresso Product Highlights

First impressions matter; you don’t want your office coffee to be a compromise for your employees. It should be a benefit they take pride in.


All the machines discussed above are some of the best espresso coffee makers for offices in 2022.


Our coffee experts, who have over 10 years of experience, are here to help you find your perfect coffee match based on your specific needs.


Remember, purchasing the machine is easy, the difficult part is finding the one that makes sense for your office.


Need more questions answered? Book a call with one of our espresso experts today!