Breakfast At the Office

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, it is often overlooked as we are constantly in a rush to get to the office, to drop the kids at daycare or school, to head out for an errand, etc. Whatever the reason, it seems we are always okay with missing out on the first meal of the day. So, what can you do to help your employees get their breakfast every morning?


Offer your employees free breakfast at the office

As an employer, you are aware that your employees need to manage their work life balance. To increase productivity and employee retention, you must contribute to helping them manage their professional and personal lives. Some companies will offer various types of activities at the office to help their employees stay active, lower anxiety, relieve their stress, and more. One of the best initiatives has proven to be offering free office food and beverages.

If you are looking for a way to increase employee engagement and keep your employees motivated at work, we highly recommend offering them free catered breakfast, or even breakfast snacks at the office. As an employee, you will be highly appreciative of your workplace if you are able to get a good, nutritious snack or meal at the office after a hectic morning. Whether it’s a bowl of oatmeal, cereals, a granola bar, fresh fruits, or even a “yogurt parfait”, you’ll easily transition into your workday after enjoying a morning delight.


What kind of breakfast should you offer?

Frankly, any kind will do, but if you truly want to impress your employees, a catered breakfast is the way to go. Give your employees something to look forward to in the morning, something that motivates them to be on time. Moreover, that way you give them the option to leave their home earlier because they know they can just grab breakfast when they arrive at the office.

If your budget is more restricted, you can choose to go with a pantry service instead. The pantry service allows your employees to get access to a multitude of snacks at any time of the day. It may not be the reason why your employees will rush to work, but it will certainly tempt them to stay longer. Allowing them the freedom to get a snack when they want to take a little break will motivate them to stay at the office longer because they’re not rushing home when the hunger hour strikes. They simply get a snack, finish their work, and then they are ready to go home for dinner.


What are some breakfast ideas for the office?

You made your decision, great! Now you need to find good breakfast ideas. Some office coffee solution providers, like Servomax, will offer these services with a varied menu for you to choose from. Our menu goes from warm meals to granola bars, and everything in between. Our best sellers in the breakfast category include:


  • Yogurt Parfait
  • Snack bars
  • Trail mixes
  • Cereals (especially rice crispies)
  • Fruits


The options are endless, and we carry several premium brands to give you the best selection. Moreover, with Servomax, you can opt for our rotational program. This program consists of changing the products every 3 months so your employees can try out different types of snacks and brands.


Whatever it is you’d like to offer your employees at the office, we have got you covered. The beauty of Servomax lies within our reliability, and our ability to provide maximum service regardless of what your office needs consist of – your One. Stop. Shop.