Building Lasting Relationships Through Modern Sales Techniques

Written by Devon Levine, Quebec sales manager at Servomax, 30/10/2023

In the words of Jeffrey Gitomer, famous author known as the King of Sales, “Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win”. When it comes to mastering Sales, the priority will always be the customer’s best interest. One of the first things salespeople learn is the customer is always right. This is a saying that has many different interpretations, but one thing remains true: neglecting a customer’s needs can negatively affect a business.

The challenge is to find a middle ground between satisfying customers and staying true to the business. This can only be done with a thought-out communication plan and collaborative efforts. Acting as a liaison consists of taking the time to consider and understand each stakeholder’s needs and proposing solutions that will build trust, and loyalty. The practice of Modern Sales involves developing lasting relationships with customers and adding value to their everyday lives.

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Devon Levine, Quebec Sales Manager

Communication: A Tool for Trust

When it comes to creating strong professional relationships, it is essential to get access to the right tools and resources. In the world of sales, this is a tricky concept as the best tool is experience. However, a proper knowledge transfer can generate equally profitable results. It is the Sales Director job to ensure that his or her team have all the tools they need to evaluate and identify their customers’ needs so they can recommend optimal solutions.

Therefore, what is meant by “tool” and “resources” in a sales context is highly dependent on the level of communication amongst the team. According to The New Sales DNA Report, by the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA), 32% of sales managers would devote extra time, if they had it, to training their sales teams (out of 500 survey participants). This reinforces the importance of knowledge and expertise in the success of a sales role. Whether it is training, tools, resources, or knowledge sharing, being able to share information and communicate is necessary.

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Access to tools are a key element in servicing clients

The Role of Personality in Sales

Communication is crucial, however, there are several other factors that the modern Sales Director must consider when building their team. One obvious thing relates to the candidate’s personality. There are certain character traits that are necessary for building long-lasting relationships. A driven individual will be more likely to chase after people, which will increase their chances of closing a deal. Having compassion is also an important quality to succeed in sales. When a proposal is made, it must validate the client’s needs and resolve a specific problem. It is about selling the “WHY” not the “WHAT” and it can truly be understood if the salesperson can empathize with their clients. According to the New Sales DNA Report, 46% said personality was the most important criteria in hiring a new salesperson for their business.

Hiring the right team member who can align with the values of the business and understand the corporate mission is a key success factor. The human approach is often pushed to remind team members that, at the end of the day, the best way to relate to clients and build trust is by caring. Charisma, compassion, drive, and integrity are a few traits that come to mind when it comes to modern sales.

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Communication is essential

Sales and Marketing

Collaborating with various departments is a daily task for Modern Sales Managers and their teams. As the liaison between the clients and the business, the sales team must often reach out to the different departments to gather specific information for customers. When a seamless communication process is in place, the sales department can operate more efficiently and provide better service. Marketing deserves special attention as it allows for outbound communication. Just like marketing team members can learn a lot about customers through the sales channel, salespeople can better understand the target market through marketing initiatives. In fact, a proper use of social media can also contribute to improved lead qualification for sales members. According to the Sales DNA Report, 75% of salespeople are using LinkedIn to research a sales target. While LinkedIn is a highly performing tool that can help reach sales objectives, there are certain guidelines and strategies to respect in order to use it effectively from a marketing perspective. On the other hand, Marketing cannot truly communicate the value of the business without firsthand feedback from Sales regarding customer needs and trends. This two-way collaboration helps promote confidence and teamwork, which is essential to achieve success and common objectives, nowadays.

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Collaboration between the sales and the marketing team can allow the company to thrive

Modern Sales Techniques are focused on being able to relate to the human side of customers and colleagues. Success is dependent on personality traits and the ability to use the knowledge and tools that are presented to create solid ties with your business community. Simply put, it starts and ends with communication to help nurture existing relationships and establish new connections that will lead to trust and loyalty for many years.

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