Did you know that our services, including coffee, pantry, and catering, are available to all your offices across Canada? Yes, it is no secret that at Servomax, we take pride in our ability to provide seamless distribution from the east to the west coast.


Our mission has always been focused on increasing employee wellbeing, encouraging a positive corporate culture, and making employees feel valued with unique perks like quality coffee and healthy snacks at the office.


While taking this into account, what does the National Coverage service at Servomax entail?


Our vision is to be the top B2B office coffee and services provider in Canada, fostering an atmosphere where your team can feel appreciated and nurtured. We want to allow you to create a motivating work environment by offering the same program to all your employees, regardless of your office location.

It may seem like a big challenge that we have taken on, but we’re dedicated to making it happen by following our four core principles: Centralized Suppliers, Uniform Experience, Seamless Distribution, and Tailored Services.


Continue reading how Servomax can service your offices nationwide.

1) Centralized Suppliers

What does it mean to have a centralized supplier?


Instead of having to manage all the problems related to dealing with several providers; all your offices will be serviced by a single and reliable source. We are a partner you can trust who will put your priorities and needs first. Servomax brings quality to your workplace in every form, from the latest, innovative coffee equipment, to bringing you the top brands of premium coffee, so all your employees in Canada can indulge in an enjoyable experience.


How does it work?


All of your office benefits will be streamlined throughout your national locations and we will send you a single, consolidated bill at the end of each month. By managing your orders with one provider, you can now save time to work on the projects that truly matter to you.

2) Uniform Experience

We believe that your team deserves to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and a snack while at work. At Servomax consistency is key to an exceptional service. As part of our commitment to providing a uniform experience, we go the extra mile by tailoring a unique and personalized solution for each of your office locations. Additionally, you can always count on our availability to promptly address any issues that may occur with your coffee maker. If your machine stops working or you need technical support, contact us and we will have a technician visit your site within 4 business hours, no matter where your office is located in Canada.

3) Seamless Distribution

Tired of running around trying to shop for products for the office?

Then you’re in the right place! Our service is designed to free up a substantial amount of time in your day. With our convenient delivery options, for regular or full-service alike, we have your distribution covered from A to Z.  We aim to deliver your orders as quickly as possible. In fact, if placed by 3 p.m., you will receive your order the following business day, and this policy applies to all.

4) Tailored Service

What makes our services top tier?

We customize our products to the preferences and needs of your specific office location. We stay up to date with the latest innovations to bring you the newest products and technology. This includes offering local trendy snacks, popular coffee beans specific to your geographic location, and ensuring standard quality catering services that are sourced within your city. Servomax works with you to provide a quality program tailored to your employees’ needs.


Your National Expansion Has Never Been This Easy