Coffee Talk: The Importance of Cybersecurity for Canadian Companies

Written by Mayssa Chidiac, Marketing Director at Servomax, 17/10/2023

In the world of office coffee solutions, you can get first-hand knowledge on the various industries you service. As a partner, Servomax uses its expertise and tools to help their clients create the best office experience for their team. However, we recently discovered there was much more value in sharing some insights from our clients to pay it forward.


Introducing our newest blog series: Coffee Talk. Every 2 months, we will share a few facts about a specific topic following an anonymous interview with a client in the respective industry. For Cyber Security month, we thought it would be a great idea to share a few facts regarding the importance of securing your online business activities in Canada.

65% of Canadian companies expect to be hit with a ransomware attack. We asked our cyber security specialist to elaborate on this topic. 


“The growing number of ransomware attacks is definitely alarming. The problem is we are constantly hearing about data breaches and security risks. We have come to understand that we can become a victim at any point. It’s not surprising that the majority of Canadian companies believe it’s inevitable and necessary to invest in the right resources.”


Every business is responsible for ensuring their resources are well protected, especially when they deal with personal data. It is the most valuable asset a company has since the digital age has taken over.


Investing is important, but how much should you plan to spend toward cyber security?

Canadian companies spent on average 11.1% of the IT budget on cyber security in 2021.


“There’s no specific budget that is expected to be invested in cyber security. It truly depends on how valuable your data is to your business. For example, a consulting firm that is entirely operating on the Cloud using hosting services and offers software as a product will more likely spend on securing their online activities.”


One thing that is sure is that every company must allocate a budget to cyber security, no matter the size or the industry. It is important to follow these specific measures to lower the risk of cyber attacks.

On average, it takes around 168 days to identify data breaches in Canada.


Investing in cybersecurity is only half of the story. It is important to monitor your data and check in every so often as detecting a breach takes a lot of time.


“This is a surprising fact, as we are under the impression that there is a clear sign when your confidential data is at risk. While the time to identify a breach is much lower if you have a reliable cybersecurity solution, you must have a plan in the case where it takes longer than expected. Disaster recovery plans and data security programs are a must, especially when you are collecting personal data on your clients.”


The best thing you can do for your business is to find the right resources to ensure your online operations are secure. It is crucial to have a cyber security partner or solution to ensure the lowest possible risk to experience an attack or a breach.


So how does this relate to coffee? At Servomax, we act as your office partner which extends to all the best practices you can take, as an HR manager, to keep your team safe, and that includes ensuring business operations are secure. Having someone look out for your office is key, and we are here to help make the experience as seamless as possible with tips and tricks from industry experts.


And of course… all this over a cup of quality, delicious locally roasted coffee.