Canadian Offices Through The Servo Lens

Step into the future of office culture with Servomax’s revolutionary coffee service. Experience sleek, minimalist coffee stations equipped with cutting-edge machines. Breathe new life into your office coffee breaks with our refined, tech-driven solutions. We’re not just offering coffee, but a sensory adventure that raises the bar for luxury in the workplace. Make every sip an indulging moment with Servomax. Ready to upgrade your ordinary coffee break?

Canada Wide Services

Our various office locations enable us to provide high-quality services across key locations in Canada.

Quality Coffee

We collaborate with specific coffee roasters to bring both local and internationally renowned coffee to your office spaces.

Local Nutritious Snacks

Provide your offices with delicious, healthy, and locally sourced snacks every day, ensuring your team can enjoy delightful options.

Tailored programs

We recognize that every office is unique, which is why we design tailored programs that will be appreciated by your employees.

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Our Offices


1790 Beaulac, Saint Laurent, Quebec H4R 1W8



2820 Argentia Road Unit #4, Toronto Ontario L5N 8G4



2570 Edinburgh Place Unit #3, Ottawa, Ontario K1B 5M1