During our daily working hours, we handle many tasks, such as finishing an assignment before a deadline, getting to meetings on time, and making sure that everything goes as planned and according to schedule. But sometimes it can get a little overwhelming, don’t you agree?


That’s why, at Servomax, our goal is to transform your office break room to make your work life more enjoyable. We just want you to sit back, relax, and get your morning properly started with a fresh cup of coffee to help you tackle the day. Our business model has been developed solely for that reason: to simplify your life.


In 4 easy steps, we will map out everything for you:

Step 1: Let's Chat!

We know you consider your team members as your most valuable asset. Therefore, we want to give you all the tools you need to create a stress-free environment, where your team will shine. To get started with us, we always advise our clients to visit our website to learn about the services we provide.


The best way to contact us is through our website by booking a call or requesting a quote, where we promise to get back to you within 4 business hours. A designated Account Manager will contact you when you’re ready to get started. Our Account Managers are experts at identifying your office needs and provide recommendations to help you modernize your workspace. For instance, we can help you find the best coffee service for your break room (regular or full) based on your desired level of involvement.


Step 2: Loading...

Once we determine which type of service and equipment best fit your office needs, we can proceed to the next step. At this point, get ready to receive the coffee machine of your dreams. One of our technicians will schedule some time to install your equipment. Make sure you go through our installation guide to know what you should expect when our service technicians arrive at your office. Once your equipment is up and running, we will walk you through the relevant information you need to keep your machine working at full potential. We will also provide a step-by-step training on how to use your coffee equipment, the different beverages your machine can make and a breakdown of our coffee recipes.


Step 3: Welcome to the Party

A delicious cup of coffee can give your team the mindset that anything is possible. And to celebrate a new chapter, Servomax will organize a “Welcome” event at your office to showcase the new arrival of your pantry set-up or coffee equipment.

Make sure to send a company invitation because your employees won’t want to miss out! We’re going to celebrate with delicious coffee (or cocktails), catered food and bumping music. Additionally, your Servo account manager will show your employees how to use the machine and present a few useful workshops that are relevant to the type of equipment you have chosen as well as the products you plan to serve. We even bring a surprise Barista on-site when our partners are up for it.


Step 4: Why Stop There?

We want you to know that we care. The relationship we build with our clients is more than just “business”, we put our customers at the heart of our model. After all, we wouldn’t be the successful coffee provider we are today, without them. Therefore we put a premium on growing our relationships through our ongoing services and our reliability.


Here are some of the ongoing services we are proud to highlight. If your machine stops working or you need technical support, contact us and we will have a technician visit your office within 4 business hours if our technical specialists are not able to solve the issue instantly over the phone.


If a client places an order before 3 p.m. they will receive their order the following business day.


If you sign up for our regular coffee service, you can search and purchase our products online through the Servo e-commerce platform. On the other hand, if you go with the full-service program, your company will have their very own full-service representative who will tend to the maintenance and cleaning of machines, and the replenishment and rotation of coffee beans and snacks.


Lastly, as part of our ongoing customer support, we recently remodelled our website to provide clients with full transparency on the services we offer, and how we operate to give clients insights on company initiatives. We are here to be of assistance any time of the day through our live chat or phone call.


The important message here is that we got you and your office break room needs will always be heard!

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