HLF & Servomax

Not All Baristas Wear Aprons

HLF’s professional coffee equipment is developed to cater to all your office needs with a touch of authenticity. Through their latest release, the HLF 5700 Fresh Milk, you can get the coffee shop experience in your office break room and create the most original, rich beverages.

A commitment to quality coffee


The HLF 5700 is the perfect coffee machine for your large office. It caters to your daily coffee needs with efficiency, speed, and quality, delivering outstanding results – every single time. The best part? Its elegant, intuitive design that makes the whole experience optimal.


The new line of HLF machines include a touchless feature allowing all your employees to create their favorite beverages from their smartphones. Download the “MyHLF” application (compatible with iOS and Android) and explore your HLF’s premium features without getting too close.


With the HLF 5700 Fresh Milk, you can create your milk-based coffee beverage like a true barista would at your favorite coffee shop. Start with a shot of espresso, and add your foam milk with a twirling motion and enjoy the perfect latte. Go to the next level by practicing your latte art skills. Your coffee breaks just got a lot more fun!

Say hello to your new coffee buddy...

All The Best Parts of
the Coffee Shop Experience