How many ounces of coffee are in your mug


If you’re someone like me who grew up watching their parents drink “regular coffee” you might find the espresso world a little intimidating. But the reality is, there is a variety of drinks out there and it is about finding the one that makes sense for you.


Choosing a coffee drink isn’t easy because the options are endless: latte, cappuccino, espresso… There are many different variations, and truthfully, I still get confused sometimes despite my industry knowledge and expertise. Going to a coffee shop looking at the menu and wondering “what’s the difference between a flat white and a latte, again?”, happens more often than you know.

Let’s not forget that our taste buds evolve over time. A coffee you like today might not have the same effect on you in five years, and vice versa. A few years back I would have never thought of myself as an espresso drinker, but if you ask me now, it is absolutely inevitable after a heavy meal.


As your favorite coffee guides, allow us to walk you through your next coffee adventure, by looking at the different coffee types and their measurements.


Our coffee chart will show you a quick illustration of how much coffee is in your cup and how to recreate your favourite recipes.

What’s in your mug? Diagram of different coffee beverages and their measurements.


When I start my day with an espresso, my mindset is: “let’s get straight to business”. While strong in taste, it is used as a base for all coffee recipes. More commonly consumed in Europe, people enjoy drinking their shot straight to get an immediate boost of energy.


Espresso is made by forcing boiling water through a puck of finely ground beans using pressure. When we think of Espresso, it can be broken down into 3 different types: Ristretto, Espresso, and Lungo. A ristretto is a short shot of concentrated coffee, approximately 1/2 oz. An espresso is a short shot that is slightly diluted, around 1 oz. A lungo is a long shot, a more diluted version of an espresso that amounts to about 2 oz. A ristretto is half of the volume of a regular (espresso) shot and lungo is double the volume. The caffeine content in one espresso will differ in how much water is used and when the coffee is stopped. (Ristretto has 63 mg caffeine, espresso 40 mg and lungo 80 mg).


Espresso Coffee Cup


Oh Americano, I can always count on you to get me through the workday. As soon as it’s 2 p.m., I’m typically ready to dose off, especially on the days when I’m running on 5 hours of sleep (which happens more often than none). Sometimes the only thing I need to finish off my tasks is a loooong cup of coffee.


An Americano is made by combining two-thirds of hot water (3 oz) with one shot of espresso (1 oz).  The purpose of adding water is to dilute the bitterness of the espresso while keeping the caffeine level high (an 8 oz cup contains 100 mg of caffeine).


Americano Coffee Cup


There’s nothing more peaceful than waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Growing up, Espresso machines weren’t a popular residential machine. The ones we had grown accustomed to were the regular, filter coffee equipment that would bring the entire family together every morning.


To make drip coffee, you need ground coffee and a coffee brewer. Filter coffee is the cheapest and most efficient alternative to getting your caffeine dose. Little fun fact: good ol’ plain drip coffee has a higher caffeine content than most espresso drinks (an 8 oz cup contains 120 mg of caffeine).


Drip-Coffee Coffee Cup


Having a Macchiato during my lunch break has become a staple in my routine. This drink consists of one to two espresso shots (1 to 2 oz), topped with a small drop of milk foam (2- 4 teaspoons). It’s the perfect drink when you’re craving the taste of a strong espresso but with a smoother finish. A cappuccino is similar but with much more milk. So when you’re looking for a more balanced beverage, a macchiato is a good compromise (usually contains 80 mg of caffeine).


Macchiato Coffee Cup


The name is sometimes confused and mistaken for the famous mocha coffee beans. Mocha beans (which have a chocolate undertone) are not the same as the mochaccino drink. Mochaccino is described to be a combination of a latte and a hot chocolate, created for chocolate and coffee lovers (an 8 oz cup contains 40 mg of caffeine).


To make this rich and decedent drink, add two pumps of chocolate syrup (2 oz), one shot of espresso (1 oz), and top it with steamed milk (approx. 3 oz).


Mochaccino Coffee Cup


To celebrate the end of a working week, on Friday mornings, I treat myself to a croissant and a cappuccino. Have you ever tried dipping a croissant in a cappuccino? I highly recommend it. It is a game-changer! To me, the cappuccino is one of the most indulgent drinks, because of its creamy, comforting taste. In Italy, it is said that a cappuccino is a morning delicacy, which is why it should not be ordered in the afternoon.


Making a cappuccino is simple, all you need is two shots of espresso, 2 oz of steamed milk and a generous amount of foamed milk to fill the cup (approx. 2 oz). A 6 oz cup contains 80 mg of caffeine.


Cappuccino Coffee Cup


I have a confession… while in Australia, Sydney introduced me to the flat white, and for two weeks straight, I completely forgot about my latte! But you may be wondering what’s the difference between the two. We get this question a lot.


A flat white is a variation of a latte but contains a stronger dose of caffeine (130 mg).  To recreate this delicious coffee, you will need the right coffee-to milk-ratio. You need to pour 2 espresso shots (2 oz) into a 6 oz cup, then top it with 4 oz of steamed milk.


Flat-White Coffee Cup


Latte is the most famous espresso-based drink, in office and out of the office.  In Italian “latte” means milk which makes complete sense when you realize that this drink is 1/4th milk. To make a latte you will need one shot of espresso (1 oz), loads of warm milk (8 to 10 oz) and a dash of microfoam (1 cm). 


A latte is a good choice to ease you into your morning routine, it’s not too caffeinated (a 12 oz cup contains 40 mg of caffeine) and it’s very soothing. But, more importantly, a latte is one of the only coffee drinks that allows for a creative finish, a.k.a, latte art. You’ve probably heard of it.


Latte Coffee Cup

Hope this coffee guide was useful! See you guys next time!

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