Preserving Freshness: A Guide to Storing Coffee Beans

Sipping on quality coffee, with its luxurious texture, nuanced flavors, and well-crafted blend, embodies la dolce vita.


But did you know that the key to brewing such a remarkable cup of coffee lies in your hands? Your role in maintaining the freshness isn’t just important; it’s what takes your coffee from average to exceptional.


This mini-article will provide helpful tips on how to keep your coffee beans as fresh as possible for the best coffee experience.

What You Need To Know About Coffee Shelf Life

When it comes to preserving the freshness of your coffee, it’s crucial to consider three key elements:


These factors can quickly degrade the quality of your coffee, robbing you of that perfect cup. To maintain freshness over time, we recommend storing your beans in an airtight, dark, and cool location.


And remember, always follow the best-before date on the packaging.

Q&A's About Freshness

Do whole coffee beans retain their freshness longer than ground coffee?

➡️ Research indicates that whole beans maintain freshness longer than ground coffee.

Is storing coffee in a fridge or freezer a good option?

➡️ Contrary to popular belief, we do not recommend storing coffee in the fridge or freezer, and here’s why: While it might seem like a good option to preserve coffee if you’re not consuming it quickly, storing coffee in the fridge or freezer can actually diminish its freshness and significantly reduce its quality over time.

What is the best practice to store coffee?

➡️ Always store your coffee in an airtight and non-absorbent container to prevent exposure to air. Metal, ceramic, and glass containers are proven to be the best materials for storing coffee longterm.

How can I tell if my coffee beans are still fresh?

➡️ ⭐️😮The easiest way to check the freshness of your coffee beans without needing specialized equipment is to place a few beans in a Ziploc bag, remove all the air, and seal it tightly. Leave the bag on a counter overnight. If the bag inflates by morning, it indicates that the beans are still fresh since they’re releasing carbon dioxide.


To ensure a consistently delicious and exquisite coffee taste, proper storage is essential. The main takeaway is to store it in a dark, airtight, and dry environment, avoiding warm spots like stoves or heaters. This practice will preserve the quality of your coffee and ensure that every cup is as satisfying as the last.

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