By Elizabeth Bracken, 02/11/23


There are two types of coffee drinkers; those that enjoy the slow morning routine of preparing their coffee and others that want their morning cup as quickly and conveniently as possible.


The best office coffee machine for an office break room will depend on the staff and their coffee preferences. If you are planning to invest in a new coffee machine for the office workplace, the first place to start is to determine whether you want to buy a bean-to-cup coffee machine or a classic espresso machine.


Each type of machine has its own benefits and disadvantages, our team of coffee experts have a detailed explanation of the differences between machines and the pros and cons of each. Read below to help in deciding which coffee machine is best suited for your office.

Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machine

Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machine


A bean-to-cup coffee machine is a complete coffee-processing solution, which starts by grinding the roasted beans and then dispenses a steaming hot cup of refreshing coffee. With a top canister for the roasted beans, the beans are measured to reach the perfect coffee strength and grind. A staff member would only need to add milk and sugar as desired.


With the bean-to-cup coffee machines offered at Servomax, it is also possible to add syrups and powders for flavoured coffee or create specialty cold milk coffee drinks. The entire process is fast, efficient, and delivers the most refreshing cup of coffee.

Espresso Coffee Machine

Espresso Coffee Machine


An espresso coffee machine functions a bit differently and somewhat resembles the actual coffee shop experience. Espresso coffee machines are the large hot milk frothing, water pumping, and coffee dispensing units that you see in almost every coffee shop. The machines are perfect for creating rich espresso beverages with varying amounts of steamed hot milk. Traditional espresso coffee machines are typically operated by skilled baristas and require additional equipment such as a milk fridge and bean grinder.

Bean-To-Cup Vs. Traditional Espresso Coffee Machines

Bean-To-Cup Vs. Traditional Espresso Coffee Machines


Both coffee machines are designed to deliver smooth rich espresso coffee beverages. The main difference between the two types of machines is that bean-to-cup coffee machines take whole coffee beans and deliver the coffee at the touch of a button. On the other hand, espresso coffee machines require pre-ground coffee and will need barista skills for a more hands-on coffee making process.


Bean-to-cup machines take whole coffee beans and grind them automatically every time the button is pushed for a new cup. The machine then takes the coffee grinds, compresses them into a coffee puck, and passes pressurized hot water through it to deliver a delicious cup of coffee.


There are two types of bean-to-cup machines. One type is entirely automatic and texturizes milk in order to make certain drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos at the touch of a button. Semi-automatic machines will grind coffee beans but will only deliver black coffee such as americano or espresso. They generally feature manual steaming and texturizing functions for milk-based coffee beverages.


Espresso coffee machines use ground coffee. You can choose to purchase bagged ground coffee or use a separate grinder to grind the coffee beans yourself. These machines are quite similar to the coffee machines used by coffee shop baristas.

The Differences Between Bean-to-Cup and Traditional Espresso Coffee Machines

The Differences Between Bean-to-Cup and Traditional Espresso Coffee Machines


1. Staff

An essential difference between the machines is that espresso machines usually need trained staff to function it. On the other hand, a bean-to-cup machine does not require any manpower or specialist training. Any individual at the office can easily use the machine to make delicious coffee.

2. Coffee

 Although an espresso machine is traditionally believed to be the best, a bean-to-cup machine produces excellent coffee as well. The quality of bean-to-cup coffee is on par with an espresso machine, provided your bean-to-cup coffee machine is maintained and cleaned properly. The quality of the coffee can actually be more consistent as opposed to espresso coffee.

3. Maintenance

Proper daily maintenance and regular cleaning are essential to get the perfect cup of refreshing coffee with every brew. Bean-to-cup machines must be fully stocked with all the components. On the other hand, espresso machines call for cleaning on the go, thus increasing the time to prepare each cup. Bean-to-cup coffee machines are currently more popular than espresso machines for the office workplace as they deliver a more efficient experience while providing the same quality flavour. They are also easier, more flexible to use, and offer various beverage options.


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