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As a Canadian-based national office coffee services distributor, Servomax offers a wide variety of solutions to help transform your office experience!

From state-of-the-art coffee equipment to trendy and tasty snacks, Servomax has been servicing the Ottawa market for years, helping clients create a stimulating work environment for their employees.

As a national leader, Servomax has developed a network of local partners in the coffee industry to cater to their clients’ unique needs.

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Allow our Servomax Full Service reps to take care of everything from ordering to machine maintenance and cleaning so you can focus on your other tasks

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Place your orders online through our e-commerce platform and easily find your favorite products from coffee beans, snacks and all kitchen supplies. We’ve got it all!

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Servomax works hard to deliver your order as soon as possible – and we mean it! Get your order tomorrow when you place it by 3 PM today (business days only)

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All service calls are typically answered within 4 business hours. Our technical team is friendly, knowledgeable, efficient and always happy to help!


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Office Coffee Service

How Do Coffee and Snacks Affect Your Office Experience?

It is no surprise that there is a significant increase in remote workers when looking at recent trends in the Ottawa job market. However, if you’re old-fashioned like us, you still appreciate having a refined office space where you can do your best work. That is why we strongly believe that investing in your work environment will change your employees’ perspective towards it. Get started with Servomax and see how you can easily implement office perks that will motivate your team to reunite at the office.

A Cup of Coffee Your Team Will Love

Keeping your employees happy should be a priority. At Servomax, we give you the tools to create a stimulating work environment promoting your team’s well-being by offering benefits they will truly appreciate. A cup of rich, tasty coffee at the office can make a big difference in employee engagement and satisfaction. Servomax will recommend the best professional coffee equipment for your office so your team can experience a true coffee shop experience at work. You can even ask about our Servomax Barista service to have an on-site resource manage your daily office coffee needs.

Breakroom Office Coffee Machine
Office Coffee Snacks

Local and Nostalgic Snacks at the Office

If you’ve lived in the capital of Canada for a while, you already know that working hard is part of the Ottawa culture. That is exactly why offering a work environment where your team can shine is a definite must. Yet, most offices are resistant to change. We are here to tell you, it is time for a transformation! Embracing the modern office trends will have a significant positive impact on your overall success and productivity. In fact, adding local and popular snacks to your office breakroom has been associated with an increase in employee retention and performance. As we like to say, happy staff, happy life!

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