Pushing the Limits: The 3 Golden Rules to Achieve the Ultimate Customer Experience

Written by Simon Ghilarducci, Senior VP at Servomax, 06/06/2023

Customer experience has become the most important aspect of business success. A positive customer experience can highly influence buyer decision, just as a negative experience can tarnish a brand and significantly impact sales. In fact, according to the 2021 Global State of Customer Service report by Microsoft, globally, 55% of consumers have higher expectations for customer service than one year ago, and we can only see this trend increase.



According to Microsoft’s report, customers expect companies to deliver “consistent exceptional customer service.” That said, how can businesses improve their customer experience to differentiate themselves from competitors? By using their unique expertise to help cater to their customers’ needs. With the knowledge and experience a company has, it is well positioned to share insights and advise their clients, ensuring they are always adding value. This is very important to keep in mind as the underlying condition to achieve the ultimate customer experience.

When it comes to customers, the first rule is keep it simple. No matter the industry, the customer experience starts with a connection. If customers are not able to relate to a company, they will lose interest. “Globally, 90% of consumers believe customer service is “somewhat to very” important in the choice of a brand” (Microsoft, 2021). Sales are therefore positively correlated to the brand impression resulting from a good customer experience. By simplifying their message, businesses are able to easily start discussions with their potential prospects, making it easier to tailor their offerings based on their respective unique needs.



Second rule is to listen. It’s simple, but it is often overlooked. Listening involves setting aside one’s own desires and objectives and completely devoting their attention to the speaker. It is the most efficient way to evaluate customers’ needs and understand which solution will best fit their vision. When customers don’t feel heard, it increases the risk of dissatisfaction. According to Statista, “33% of people consider the most important aspect of good customer service to be having their problem solved in a single interaction, regardless of how long it takes”. This can only be achieved when the service provider is giving their full attention to the customer.



Simon Ghilarducci is the Senior Vice President & General Manager of Servomax, with several years of experience in the field of Food & Beverages, Office Coffee Services and Consumer Product Goods.


His extensive knowledge in the field allows him to share his expertise when evaluating customers’ needs and providing them with a tailored solution. As a strategic leader, Simon relates and connects with partners, customers, and team members, following a human approach to reach mutual objectives that lead to growth and success. His dedication and hard work are inspirational, having achieved many milestones in a short span. He is a true go-getter with a kind spirit.

Customer Experience: The 3 Golden Rules

Third rule is personalization. Modern times have changed the way people perceive a good customer experience. Today, customers must feel appreciated, heard, and above all, known. To offer an impressive customer service, it is crucial to tailor services according to the information collected about a specific client. According to New Voice Media, “feeling unappreciated by a company is the #1 reason customers switch brands”. So how does one show appreciation to their clients? Get to know them better and provide a service that is personalized to their personality, their needs, their desires and their limitations.  They expect it. The Microsoft report also states that 72% of consumers say that they expect customer service agents to “know who they are, what they have purchased, and have insights into their previous engagements.” This confirms the importance that needs to be dedicated to updating internal data to ensure clients feel valued and special at all times.



It all comes down to how far businesses are willing to go for their customers. This is why it is recommended to push the limits when it comes to customer experience. The unsaid rules must be achieved to the best of the representative’s abilities. Whether they are simplifying their offering to the least detailed pitch possible, listening like there is nothing more important in that instant that their customer’s wants and needs, or personalizing their conversation to match their customer’s personality – the ultimate customer experience can only be reached when they are going out of their way to provide the best customer service.

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