Reasons Why You Need an Office Coffee Service Provider

For as long as we can remember, coffee has been an important part of our work life. In a society that is constantly changing, the importance of a “coffee break” remains the same. No matter where you work, or what you do, you are bound to take a trip to your office breakroom to get a cup of coffee (or tea). It is a service that your employees expect when they join your company, a service you must provide if you want to keep your employees. While you may be eager to offer it, we are aware that you’ve got a lot of other things to worry about. This is where the reason to get an office coffee service provider becomes obvious.  Trusting a partner to make sure all your employees’ office coffee needs are satisfied will help you increase motivation, productivity, and overall employee satisfaction.


Here are the top 3 reasons why you need an office coffee service provider, according to Servomax:



Your office coffee service provider will make sure you never run out of coffee

You bought a office coffee machine for your office and you’re ready to start offering it to your employees, but what happens when you run out? Your office manager may not always have full visibility on the employee consumption, and as soon as you run out, they have to go and grab any coffee to get by or they will have to deal with cranky employees for the rest of the day. An office coffee service provider helps you keep track of your consumption and will give you their expert advice on the quantity to order based on your number of employees. Some of them will even take care of it, from a to z, for you (Full Service).


Offer product variety through your office coffee provider services

Making coffee available at the office is only half the story. You also need to make sure you are providing a few options to your employees. Moreover, you need to add some complementary products to satisfy the majority of your team. For example, some people like their coffee with a bit of cream, others prefer almond milk. Some like it sweet, others prefer to drink it as-is. An office coffee services provider will give you a wide array of coffee beans to choose from, but also, they can supply all the items that go with the coffee from milk to sugar to beverage stirrers. The best part? They all come in one order – delivered to your office.


Get immediate support and quality service from an office coffee service provider you can trust

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. When you’ve setup everything perfectly, but that error message keeps showing up on your coffee machine and you have no idea how to fix it. Without an office coffee services provider, you’d need to look for a technician and call a bunch of numbers to reach a customer service hotline that will set up an appointment for you. Sounds like a long process, because it is. An office coffee service provider will send a technician to your office (within 4 business hours, if your provider is Servomax) so your issue is fixed in a timely manner. Moreover, you will need to maintain your machines and clean them on a regular basis to prevent them from crashing. These are both services you can opt for with an office coffee service provider, as well.


Having an office coffee services provider ensures all your office coffee needs are satisfied at all times. Allow your employees to work efficiently by offering a breakroom that appeals to them. It will let them know you care about their well-being which will increase their motivation and productivity, as a result. Servomax prides itself as being a leader in the Canadian office coffee services industry due to their client-centric approach. Find out more about our products and services here: