Servomax Office Coffee Services in Ottawa: Putting employee well-being first

December 15th, 2022

When it comes to modernizing your office breakroom, Servomax is the expert. While many Canadian businesses have adopted the hybrid or flexible schedule approach, it is still crucial to create an inviting work environment your employees can thrive in. Top employers have one thing in common: they make their employees’ well-being a priority. In fact, one of the main decisive factors when accepting a job offer nowadays relates to employee benefits and the company’s corporate culture. Establishing an office space with incentives like daily catered meals, premium coffee equipment and brands, and even delicious, trendy snacks, can increase job satisfaction and employee loyalty. With the growing demand for office perks in Ontario, Servomax is happy to announce their plan to open a third office location in Ottawa to better serve the market. 


Offering coffee and snacks at the office is becoming a “must” for businesses, especially for the technology, financial (banking), professional services, and construction industries. 


“Our mission is to contribute to your well-being at work, and that starts in your office breakroom” says Servomax vice-president, Simon Ghilarducci“We don’t sell coffee, we promote an enhanced office experience and an opportunity to increase staff morale and employee retention, which is something many companies are struggling with, today.”


“At Servomax, we are innovators. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and services to offer our clients a unique, tailored office experience.” says CEO and founder, Arie Koifman. “The reality is, your team expects a certain office comfort to achieve productivity, and it is our responsibility to make it happen.”


Servomax has been servicing the Ottawa region for years which has allowed them to assess and evaluate the needs of the market. One of the main challenges for these major employers is to deploy work benefits for all their office locations across the country. To ease this concern, Servomax also provides a national coverage program that allows businesses to have a consistent office experience in all their work spaces. National expansion is the office coffee services provider’s specialty, and adding a branch in the capital will facilitate the delivery of exceptional products and services to their local clients.