Let’s be honest. We’ve all been guilty of staring at the delicious pastries in a coffee shop and giving in to temptation while waiting for our beverage. They just go so well together. The bitter taste of a bold, strong cup of coffee mixed with the sweetness of a fluffy chocolate croissant, it’s almost impossible to resist. 


The truth is, while this is part of a coffee shop experience, when you’re at the office, you don’t always have time to bask into these pleasurable moments on your coffee breaks. Not to mention the crumbs will go everywhere and it will take another couple of minutes to clean the mess. So how do you ensure you are efficient while satisfying your cravings at work? A Pantry Service


A Pantry service, or SNACKS service, will allow you to add a variety of delicious healthy and indulging goodies to your office cafeteria so your team can enjoy a sweet crunch with their coffee drink. This has been positively correlated to an increase in employee motivation and engagement, as they feel more valued and appreciated. 


When it comes to Snacks at the office, there are several types of programs:

1. Snacks in Bulk

Ideal for an office that welcomes a higher volume of employees and visitors, the snacks in bulk system is perfect to offer unlimited quantities of the trendiest cereals, crunchiest nuts, and sweet chocolate-covered goodies, to name a few.


Trail Mix for snacks at the office

2. Bars and Granola

For the on-the-go system, snack bars and granola are always popular. Running through back-to-back meetings? Just grab a quick nutritious bar and satisfy your hunger in no time. It is also a good solution for a morning routine, whether you’re offering flavored granolas to go with your yogurt bar, or instant oatmeal, this program caters to various office needs.


Dark chocolate cookies

3. Comfort Food

Add a crunchy component to your office break room with indulging options like: chips, cookies, crackers, and more chewy goodness. These are the ultimate comfort foods for late afternoons at the office when you are looking for a small pick me up to get that energy boost right before dinner.


Potato Chips

4. Refreshing Beverages

Part of the office experience is to offer a variety of free beverages to help your team quench their thirst at work. Coffee is amazing, but for your team members who are looking to limit their caffeine intake or who prefer a more refreshing option, soft drinks, kombucha, flavored water, and juices might seem like a better alternative.


Coffee-free drinks



A pantry service offers a dedicated operator who understands your office needs and delivers your favorite office snacks on a regular basis. It allows you to get access to the trendiest products on the market and offer it to your team to increase their sense of community and belonging.

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