As a working professional, I can vouch that coffee is an essential part to anyone’s morning routine, it simply wakes us up and gives us a surge of energy. Without my first cup of coffee, I would be the walking dead. Good news for all you office crews! The percentage of companies offering free coffee services is rapidly increasing. Agreeably, the goal of any employer is to decrease turnover rates, increase retention, keep productivity high and make sure employees are having fun. Therefore, more businesses are giving their office breakrooms a complete make over.


While free coffee is great, but we’re now entering an era where snacks are just as important. So, what are companies doing about it? Well, employees want snacks and companies are either jumping on the bandwagon or falling behind trends. One thing is for certain, companies that are offering a full pantry service are on the rise. If you’re reading this blog because your company hasn’t hopped on the pantry train, I’m here to say it’s not too late.


Continue reading how Servomax will upgrade your office experience with our pantry service.

Snack or Treat

Since the pandemic, one of the biggest challenges employers are currently facing is getting employees back to the office. To overcome this obstacle, it’s imperative to give your employees a reason to want to return. A good reason is to provide them with tasty snacks.


At Servomax we have a solution for all your tummy’s needs. If you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably wondering what’s on the menu?  To answer your question, we offer an extensive variety of both healthy and indulgent treats. Our goal is to minimize the stress and increase overall productivity of each working individual. Breakfast, despite being the most important meal of the day, is often skipped because of lack of time the morning rush. However, it is the inspiration for our healthy menu which includes which includes overnight oats, granola bars, nuts, fruits, a yogurt bar and so much more. On another note, we offer a variety of refreshments for those who want to indulge regardless of the nutritional values. From potato chips, to candy, we got you!


A Snack to Swipe Right

We’re listening to working professionals and they’re saying WE WANT MORE SNACKS!

If you’re considering our pantry service, Servomax offers two programs, à-la-cartechoose from our menu and the rotational programwe fill up your pantry for you. Both programs give clients full control to voice what they would like to snack on at the office. The rotational program, our uber-cool service has a dedicated team that takes care of ordering your office snacks for you. Not only do we take care of ordering, but we rotate the snacks you receive every three months allowing you to try out different types of snacks on a regular basis. We do this for two reasons, to keep it exciting and to support local brands. We love seeing our community grow and want to give Quebec and Ontario based companies the best chances at succeeding.


Hello Beautiful

Your lunchroom can be so much more than a breakroom, it can be a destination where employees get away and chillax. If you’re unsure of the layout or how to organize your breakroom, we’re here to help. With our pantry services, we will provide you with all the necessary equipment to setup your modern breakroom for free based on your custom needs. Fridges, baskets, and bulk dispensers and more – we’ll even install them for you! (Exclusions may vary). 


Let us take care of your snacking needs, what do you say? 

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