Bulk Up

Snacks In Bulk.

Offer unlimited quantities of your favourite cereals, nuts, chocolate-covered goodies and much more.

Crunch Time

Indulging In Comfort Foods.

Chips, cookies, crackers, and all the chewy goodness you can think of, Servomaxoffers a variety of comfort foods your team will love.

Cool Sips

Refreshing Beverages.

Quench your thirst at work with all types of refreshments, including, iced tea, soft drinks, kombucha, flavoured water and more.

Set The Bar

Healthy, Yet Tasty.

Add nutritious snack bars, savoury granola, oatmeal and other crowd-pleasers to your office break room.

As a national office snack distributor for more than 20 years, we have perfected the art of the office break. In addition to having access to premium local snacks our amazing team takes care of replenishment and of setting up your area with all the necessary: racks, dispensers, baskets, etc. To get to know us a little better, view the video below.

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If you’ve heard the saying DREAM BIG – you’ll understand where we’re coming from. Our Snacks in Bulk are the perfect way to create an inviting, attractive office break room, almost like a 5-star hotel lobby. Add unlimited quantities of premium products to your workspace and allow your employees to enjoy these goodies, any time of the day. Like we said, we dream big but that’s because we only want the best for your employees. Don’t you?


You know all the latest snack trends on Instagram and you’re always trying to get some at home? Well now you can just as easily enjoy them at work. While we focus on what is “hip” locally, we also do our best to offer the freshest brands and a variety of products you can try in your office break room. Get a NEW SNACK ALERT every 3 months and add another awesome reason to bring your employees to the office.


Have you ever forgotten to order your office’s coffee or snacks? Have you ever lost track of time and didn’t manage the delivery of your break room essentials? Servomax is here to make sure these situations never happen again. Our pantry service includes a designated Servomax resource who will order what you need and ensure that it gets to your office on time.

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