The Coffee Shop Experience as defined by Servomax

You may be wondering what we mean when we say, you can get the “Coffee Shop Experience” at the office? What does that entail? If you’re curious about how we define the Coffee Shop Experience, keep reading. In this article, we list the Top 4 similarities between our services and a coffee shop.


The quality and taste of coffee

When you head to your favorite coffee shop, you have no doubt you will be getting the best quality of coffee. After all, they are the experts. You trust you will enjoy the taste, the richness and consistency. Servomax works hard to make sure the expectation you get when you walk into a coffee shop, is the same as when you enter your office breakroom. The coffee that is delivered by Servomax’s coffee equipment and machines is just as delicious as the one you would get from a barista at your favorite coffee shop. In fact, our partnerships with local roasters allow us to have a variety of fresh coffee beans that will make your office coffee taste as good as the coffee you would get directly from the roaster’s coffee shop. Hard to believe, right? Come visit our office, we’ll pour you a cup.


Fresh milk options

When you go to a coffee shop and you order a latte or a cappuccino, you know you will be getting a beverage made with fresh milk. However, the common conception when thinking of a coffee machine is that your drink will be created with powdered milk which can affect the taste of your beverage. Moreover, you can’t always get the ideal micro-foam with traditional coffee machines, which is why most people still prefer to get their coffee from a coffee shop before they get to their office. Servomax gives you the possibility to choose whether you’d like fresh milk or powdered milk with your beverage. Additionally, regardless of which option you choose, the machines distributed by Servomax have specific functionalities that allow them to generate the perfect foam when dispensing milk-based beverages.


Variety in drinks and coffee

The equipment provided by Servomax allows you to make several types of drinks. The number of recipes varies based on the type of machine, but they all offer a certain variety to allow your employees to have options. Just like in a coffee shop, we cater to the needs of all our clients. Whether you prefer espressos, lattes or regular coffee, just like in a coffee shop, we’ve got you covered.


A few seconds and your beverage is ready!

We understand the struggle of waiting a long time to get your coffee – it is a real inconvenience. At that point you’re thinking, I can get it faster at the coffee shop’s drive thru. Servomax’s equipment is created to enhance and optimize your office coffee experience which is why we make sure the beverages are delivered in a timely manner. In just a few seconds, you get a rich, tasty coffee, just like you would in your go-to coffee shop.

There are many similarities between the Servomax experience and the coffee shop experience because it is our mission to ensure our customers have the best coffee available at their office. We believe in finding the right partner to help make your employees happy, and we do whatever we can to provide you with all the tools you need to do so. After all, your employees are the reason behind your success, and we are here to help you take care of them.


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