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Simply put? We help you achieve your dream office experience!

From high quality coffee equipment to local, healthy and delicious products, Servomax has everything you need to promote your employees’ well-being at work.

As a national leader in the office coffee services industry in Canada, Servomax has been operating for more than 20 years, always putting their customers’ needs first. Their main offices are located in Montreal and in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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Your assigned Servomax Representative will evaluate your unique office needs and make recommendations accordingly.

We install your office coffee machine and products in your desired location within the Greater Toronto Area so you can enjoy your new experience as soon as possible.

The Servomax Experience

Next Day Delivery

Servomax delivers your order as soon as possible. Get your order tomorrow when you place it by 3 PM today (business days only)

Quality Service

All service calls are typically answered within 4 business hours by our efficient, resourceful technical team.

Advanced Technology

Our coffee equipment solutions are built with the latest technology. Opt for an elegant, performing coffee machine when you choose from our diverse product catalog.

Tailored Experience

We provide a tailored, personalized service based on your unique needs. With a dedicated Servomax team, you will always have the support you deserve.

More Than Just A Cup Of Coffee...

Imagine yourself enjoying a moment of peace, looking outside the window from your large office building in downtown Toronto, sipping on a delicious, rich and tasty cup of quality coffee. At Servomax, we care about your well-being. We do everything in our power to make sure you are looking forward to your breaks at work. Contact us to see how you can make your dream office experience come true.

Our Approach

Partnering up with Servomax means never having to worry about your office food and beverages needs. We evaluate your unique requirements and we cater to them by providing a tailored, personalized service for you and your team. Allow us to make the best recommendations to optimize your Toronto office locations and amaze your clients, employees, and visitors.

Your Time is Valuable

One of the biggest challenges of managing a breakroom in a large office is the time dedicated to maintaining a certain level of service. We know it too well. Servomax has developed a full service program that allows your resources to focus on what they do best while we take care of setting up your coffee station, delivering a variety of snacks, and ensuring you always have enough food and beverages for your entire team.

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