Tailored Office Coffee Services in Toronto

Servomax is a national leader in the office coffee services industry for over 24 years. From high quality coffee equipment to local, healthy and delicious products, Servomax has everything you need to promote your employees’ well-being at work.

Premium Coffee Services

Walk into into your office and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in the comfort of your space.

Local & International Coffee Brands

Barroco, Reunion, Balzac’s to Nespresso or Illy, Servomax offers a wide selection of coffee brands.

A Variety Of Office Snacks

Barroco, Reunion, Balzac’s to Nespresso or Illy, Servomax offers a wide selection of coffee brands.

Delivery And Replenishment

Our team will take care of delivering your products and the replenishment of your coffee and snacks.

Our Partners

The Servomax Experience In The GTA

Sip Of Energy

Specialty Coffee

Enjoy delicious high quality coffee delivered weekly directly to your offices and have you and your team discover a world of authentic flavours.

Bulk Up

Snacks In Bulk

Offer unlimited quantities of your favourite cereals, nuts, chocolate-covered goodies and much more.

Crunch Time

Indulging In Comfort Foods

Chips, cookies, crackers, and all the chewy goodness you can think of, Servomaxoffers a variety of comfort foods your team will love.

Set The Bar

Healthy, Yet Tasty

Add nutritious snack bars, savoury granola, oatmeal and other crowd-pleasers to your office break room.

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What was once only coffee, has now evolved into three categories of product and service offerings:
  1. Office Coffee
  2. Pantry Service
  3. Daily Breakfast and Lunch Catering

Servomax offers various types of coffee services to cater to the specific needs of each office. The type of service will vary depending on the machine you choose and the level of involvement you would like to have in the management of your office coffee needs. The two main services we provide are Standard and Full, to find out more book a call with one of our coffee experts.

There is no "best" coffee machine because every office is unique. Your decision should be based on your team's coffee preferences, daily consumption and specific needs.

The nationwide service, ensures a uniform experience throughout your national branches. This is achieved by streamlining your office perks with a single dedicated distributor, who will exclusively cater your office requirements.