Read Machine the Lines: A look at the behind-the-scenes with Servomax Technical Director, Nick DiGenova

Written by Nick DiGenova, Technical Director at Servomax, 19/07/2023

Over the years, our corporate ties have evolved because of our amazing Servomax family, and we’re continuously looking to grow the team. Today, hear from Nick, our Technical Director, who took the time to share his experience working for Servomax and how he played a key role in shaping our exceptional technical department. He also discusses the elements it takes to be part of the team, and ongoing opportunities for individuals looking to join. Keep reading to find out more!

Technical Director

Nick DiGenova, Technical Director

Can you tell me about your role and what made you decide to join Servomax?


Sixteen years ago, I completed my studies and was eager to gain experience in my field. When I visited the office, I just loved the start-up vibe and how everyone was really eager to be part of a disruptive business. Several years later, here I am, Director of Technical Services, managing a team of 7 dedicated individuals. As a leader, my main responsibility is to implement a reliable infrastructure and provide technical direction and guidance to help make smart business decisions and keep my team motivated. From machine repairs to client installations, our department is essential to the success of the business.


How did working at Servomax help you develop your leadership skills?


Growing on all fronts; personally and professionally.

From the start, I found myself deeply committed to the organization, which fueled me and made me want to succeed for my team. What I admire about Servomax is that the focus is not solely on my performance, but rather on my personal growth, which is what pushed me to chase after a leadership role. That said, I would like to share two lessons I have learned in my professional journey so far:


  1. Listen with care. Communication is KEY to success, and by actively listening to my teams’ ideas, concerns and perspective, I am able to make decisions that benefit everyone involved in the process. It is a leader’s responsibility to make sure his or her teammates have everything they need to perform their job efficiently.
  2. No room for judgment. Lead with compassion – create a supportive environment, where your peers feel accepted and appreciated; I promise you this will unlock their full potential.

Technical service for HLF 5700

Abed, our service technician in action

How would you describe the day-to-day routine of a Servomax technician?


Each day brings new situations. As I like to say, there is always a task to tackle and a machine to repair. Fixing a coffee brewer is comparable to solving a crossword puzzle; each coffee part is similar to a letter, and with each repair, you gain new insights into the programming, the technology, and the components of the machine itself.


Typically, when a technician arrives to the office, they already know what they’re supposed to be working on. When we receive a service call, it’s usually because a client is in need of technical assistance or a new machine is to be installed. In both scenarios, our team is always ready to handle whatever comes our way.


How do you keep your team motivated?


From the moment I joined Servomax, I was impressed by the company’s devotion to fostering long-lasting professional relationships within the team. Their ongoing efforts to improve and scale the tools and resources they offer, including investing in courses and trainings, workshops and much more, as well as their commitment to regular check-ins and individual growth are just a few examples of how they demonstrate their appreciation for their team.


While some may question whether the role of a technician becomes redundant over time, my response remains the same: installing and repairing a machine never fails to be challenging. For those with a passion for problem-solving, this line of work offers endless opportunities. I also take pride in the fact that my team has been the same for years now and we keep growing together. We share a deep sense of belonging across the technical department, especially. They often call us the “Servomax superheroes”.

Leadership Skills

Memorable capture of our charming and funny Technical Team at the Servomax Holiday Party

What are the top 3 qualities for becoming a Servomax Technician?


As a leader, I strive to expand my team and create a dynamic environment. I am actively seeking individuals who envision personal and professional growth within a company. In my department, I embrace an approach that allows my team to work autonomously, while welcoming challenges head-on. When assessing candidates, there are three key qualities I prioritize and appreciate:


Connecting the dots. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – to think beyond what’s being asked of you and to connect the dots from different angles because no situation is the same.

In it for the long run. Are you genuinely passionate about fixing things? Show that you’re excited to be part of an organization. It also helps if you like coffee.

Resourceful. Letting your creativity shine – think outside the box to find ingenuous ways to come to a solution.


At the end of the day, as a new member of the technical team, you will be a part of a small family who will always back you up. I take these things very seriously as it is my duty as a leader to ensure there is fit. Being surrounded by colleagues encourages me to excel and contribute to the success of our department, and company.



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