A deep dive into the world of coffee machines

Written by Andrea Diallo-Blais, 18/10/2023

In the world of office breakrooms, there are a couple of key solutions that can help you redefine your office experience. One of them being the installation of a modern coffee machine.

In this blog you will have the chance to meet our account managers who will introduce you to the captivating world of office coffee machines. As such, you will discover single-serve machines, bean to cup devices, and filter coffee makers.

These options are available to suit your preferences for ease, flavor, and convenience. So, let’s embark on a journey to discover the magic of these innovative coffee companions.


⚙️ Single Serve AKA how to make things easy in your office breakroom

Meet Devon Levine, the friendly face behind Servomax’s Quebec Sales Manager. Devon keeps it real. So, what’s this single-serve buzz all about? Well, it’s the secret sauce for transforming your office breakroom into a haven of flavors and camaraderie.

Sleek, compact, and minimalist, these machines fit seamlessly into any modern office breakroom. With their elegant finishes and refined lines, they’re not just about functionality; they’re a stylish addition to your space.

Think about your office breakroom. It’s where you escape the daily grind, right?

Single-serve takes that escape to a whole new level. They help transform your office into a space where everyone can enjoy their favorite brew. Believe us, it is a game-changer for making those short breaks delightful.

With Servomax, it’s about embracing simplicity and freshness. Say goodbye to the old, finicky coffee machines, and say hello to a trusty companion that’s always ready to serve up a treat. It’s that easy! To find out more about single serve and our Nespresso coffee options, view the video below.

Commercial espresso machine Canada

Case Study

A Brewing Success: A Transformative Office Culture Story

Whole bean coffee


Let's uncover the secrets to a successful return to the office plan!

🌱 Bean to cup: welcoming the freshness into your office

Looking for an option that will allow you to hand select the beans of your choice? Audree, Servomax’s key account manager, the coffee connoisseur, is on a mission to elevate your morning brew. Let’s dive in – bean to cup coffee machines, featured on Servomax’s website. It is your gateway to unmatched freshness and a vast variety of coffee beans.


Imagine this: it’s morning, you walk into your office, and you smell delicious warm coffee. The Bean to cup coffee machines offer just that – a truly authentic experience. The best part? You can choose the beans you prefer, ensuring your coffee is tailor-made to your taste.

Moreover, these machines offer a modern design that can elevate your office breakroom’s aesthetics. They blend seamlessly into any space, adding the ultimate touch of sophistication to your workplace.

At Servomax’s were here to make your daily coffee ritual not just a routine but a genuine, flavorful experience. It’s all about savoring the moment, one cup at a time. View the video below to learn more:

🔗 When simplicity rhymes with flavour

Having filter coffee readily available at work is a game-changer. Our account managers, Devon and Emmanuelle, can confirm its unbeatable convenience. It’s not just coffee; it’s the energy source that keeps your team going. With a well-stocked coffee station, you won’t see your coworkers rushing out for their caffeine fix anymore.


Having a delicious cup of quality coffee encourages impromptu chats, making work feel more like a collaborative hangout. It’s an enhancement that makes a significant difference and helps celebrate your team. Devon and Emmanuelle understand this, they know that you’re not just taking care of your team’s coffee cravings, you’re fuelling their success.

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